After more that 3 years of work Buedi is in the final work of an album, that is dedicated to the Divine. Singers from India, Tibet, Mongolia, Egypt, Lebanon, USA, Germany, Holland, and Native America sing songs to the Divine in their own way, connected through Buedis Music. Because of the high costs and long time he went into crowdfunding, to cover some of the costs (around 30.000.- Euro) to be able to finish the album. Here is the Link to the crowdfunding (just click on en on the right top to change from German to English). The Fopunding will be closed on March 19. All help and spreading out is wonderful


Here are portraits of the singers and songs in mp3 format, more will be published in the next days.


Here the Portrait of Fadia Bazzi and the Song

Ancient Story





Here the portrait of Kadihja Hammond and the Song

99 Names of God



Here the portrait of Anand Richa and the Song





Here the portrait of Yungchen Lhamo and her

Song for the Dalai Lama


Here the portrait of Ali Elbahwi and his

Song for Allah









13. April Duo Frey Siebert Wachenheim Badehaisl

14. April Solo München Klangheilzentrum

3. Mai Solo Dortmund Pauluskirche Schüzenstrasse 35

10.- 12. Mai Medizinradtreffen Schafhausen Rhön

6. Juli  Friedenskonzert Kloster Arnstein/Lahn

10.-11. August Bern Klangkeller

6. September  Filmmusikfestival Bad Ems

 11. Oktober Zentrum in Balance Hainfeld/Pfalz solo

12.Oktober Köln Stadthalle Köln-Mülheim solo

 13.Oktober Zentrum in Balance Hainfeld/Pfalz

Seminar "Song from The Heart"

2. November Wien solo

14. November Duo Frey Siebert  Trier Tuchfabrik

22. November  Duo Frey Siebert Darmstadt Halbneun Theater

23. November Duo Frey Siebert Simmersfeld Kulturfabrik

30. November Duo Frey Siebert Stuttgart Theaterhaus




July 13  Concert Nagold Castle with Stefan Skobowsky 

October 20-21  Koblenz WOLRD MUSIC FESTIVAL with Matthias Frey 

November 3- 4  Concerts in Holland with Matthias Frey, Hossam Shaker - kanoon, and Basem Darwish - oud

November 9  Weitsicht Festival Darmstadt with Matthias Frey and guests

more to be announced


NEWS 2012


In the last years Buedi began to do Solo Concerts, called INSIDE DANCES. Mainly in special places like churches, caves or in nature the multiinstrumentalist comes with his instruments, gongs, sounds and creates an athmosphere, that makes people leave their

 March 2010 Video trailer release regarding Buedis Solo concerts Inside Dances now available in English.

Inside Dances Video in higher quality

Inside Dances Video in lower Quality





Link CD

Link Artist Page and Video Buedi Siebert



The Double-CD  Matthias Frey - Büdi Siebert came out in germany on the Araucaria Label, and can be ordered here: (

Here are Shortcuts of the tracks for listening

CD1 Live in the Studio

CD2 Live in Concert

Here a Video from the Concert in Frankfurt at the Weitsicht Festival

and from the Concert for the Dalai Lama August 2009 in Frankfurt, Commerzbank Arena

together with Yungchen Lhamo, vocals




'Heealing - the Wonder in Us'

. the music was done with incredible musicians from ALL OVER THE PLANET: Yungchen Lhamo: Vocals Enkh Jaargal: Overtone  vocals and horsehead violin,  Nasem Darwish: Oud, Hossam Shaker: Kanoon, Thomas Kagermann: Vocals Violin, Matthias Frey: Piano.

On Youtube there ar some nice videos with Musik of Buedi Siebert

Yoshemite National Park

Konzert withKolbe Illenberger 1986

Concert Kairo A 2006

Here some Minutes from a concert in Opera House Kairo, where first time in the newer history of Egypt singers from Moslem and Christian Religion sang and played together

ConcertKairo 2007

Concert Kairo 2008



Buedi is currently workling on a new CD: BREATH OF LIFE - Music for Yoga und Energy work (hopefully released this year.


MUSIC AND HEALING - a personal statement

Its been around 13 years since I had my "solo concert" in the Great Pyramid in Gizah, Egypt. that basically changed my music and the power, that is behin it. SInce this time, it is important to me, what effect the music, that comes through me, has on the people, who listen to it. Does it support their vital energy, does it help, to be a part of the solution on this planet, or is it only part of the problem, as so much music is in these days. I had to change many aspects of my personality, had to leave behind my former "career", to live in a way, that the music can evolve the biggerst possible power. Part of this way was, a series of "throwing down my artist ego" to the creation. My way of living and my adjustment changed. There were long periods without music, that were necessary for the music. In these years I was collaborating on different projects: bringing a system of ancient egypt energy exercises into this world, that raises the vital power and enery of human being to a high level. A piece of land and a big house were bought, we plantet more than 300 trees and created a space that is in harmony with then earth - an ecologic forest-garden-paradise. And an organic, vegetarian nutritiuon system was created for healing the body systems. more information (in german) -

Some couldnt go with these changes and wanted me to stay being the "musician", that they knew. But the reactions, that I got from people, who heard this new music, and reacted with deep personal and physical experiences, that would go beyond my imagination, showed me - its exactly what I have to do, healing with music. I kept this for myself but now it seems, the time has come to open it up. A short while ago I got a letter from Mexico, that I do publish here, that gives a kind og "clinical prove" for the healing power of this music. I wish you much joy with the music (and without). geetings from my heart and thank you,.... Buedi Siebert


Hello Buedi,I wanted to talk to you about how we use your music. I have wanted to write for some time now, and, well, I am finally doing it. I have a wholistic detoxification center in Mexico. Here is my website:\. I am a former drug addict, I used heroin and methadone for many years. I used this African medicine called Ibogaine to get off the methadone, and I did so overnight, during that session. I listened to your Om Mani cd on repeat. I had accidentally found it and brought it with me, never hearing it before I brought it with me to Mexico...and now I know that it was no accident at all. I ended up buying the clinic I got clean in, and I have owned it now for almost 2 years. We use your cd in lots and lots of our sessions and people constantly ask us for copies from our Itunes. This is very healing music Buedi...I know you know that. I see it and have felt it. The combination of sharing this music with our clients as they go through their ibogaine experience results in a deep introspection into oneself and ones life, as well as the understanding of how connected we all are. One opiate addict listened to your cd over and over as he had to go back home after being here and had to leave a life of crime behind him. As he flushed his pills down the toilet, the hundreds he sold, and as he threw away his cell phone, he was listening to your cd, Buedi. That man is still clean after 1 year. He works here with me now. Just listening to the music, at any time, reminds me of the truth. So, basically I wanted to say thank you...thank you....mahalo, gracias, merci...I would also like share with you their experiences with the music that is such good medicine.

Respectfully,Clare Wilkins\par Director, Ibogaine Assn

New Studio and Araucaria office. here some impressions:



A new field of wotk will be seminars and music workshops called "Song from the heart" where people will meet their inner musician and play and improvise and express feeling in nature and intimate "concerts".



Wave Hands Like Clouds   

Has been recognized by COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources) at this years INATS (International New Age Trade Show) conference in Denver.
Category: Best Meditation/Healing Album 1st Runner Up - "Wave Hands Like Clouds", by Buedi Siebert ,,


World Wide Release of Buedi Sieberts Albums

"Om Mani Padme Hum" - "Wave Hands Like Clouds"

by San Francisco based Record Company REAL MUSIC, one of the leading USA labels in relaxation music. Wave Hands like clouds has been released in Germany under title Qi Gong. You can listen to music samples: go to /Cds /Own Productions and click on the MP3 Files you like to listen to.

Release dates:

Om Mani Padme Hum: February 2004, Wave Hands like Clouds March 2004


more info: (go to: whats new)

Some Reviews on "The Light Dance":

...The Light Danceis comprised of fourteen relatively short tracks, with the longest being a little under seven minutes. Presumably because the music is designed for flowing physical meditation the tracks merge into each other to avoid a stop-start feeling, though each piece is fairly discrete in style and mood. Having done a little t'ai chi I can imagine how this music would be a good accompaniment, but it works superbly as enjoyable music to play while doing nothing.

What I particularly like about this album is that it isn't Chinese sounding all the way through, some tracks -- the title track "The Light Dance" is a good example -- are mainly Western sounding and easygoing. Somehow it all fits together giving one a sense of being on a journey, it's not hard to conjure up the idea of slowly drifting down the Yangtze river with this music! The slightly vocal edge to the Erhu (a two stringed instrument akin to a violin) adds to the atmosphere

I can wholeheartedly recommend The Light Dance to anyone who enjoys melodic and atmospheric music. The blend of guitars, piano, percussion, keyboards and the Chinese instruments is done with artistic grace(D. Bebbington, March 2003)

....These beautiful, harmonious sounds assist in balancing the body’s energies (Richard Giles, Nexus Magazine Jan 2004)

The Light Dance moves from quiet to majestic and back again with ease. It is reminiscent of a movie soundtrack with an Eastern Asian feel.At times you feel as though you were observing a parade in front of an ancient Emperor’s palace, and then flawlessly it transitions to the quieter feel of a Zen garden.....

...A recurring musical theme from the first track gives the CD a lovely feeling of familiarity by the end.The idea of moving chi fits in naturally with the harp-like instrumentation.Nothing feels more like movement than a nice glissando.This music works very well for massage, although it was created to enhance the practice of moving meditations.(Amy Williams, Massage Magazine Jan Feb 2004)



Samples from the score for a Nature Documentary "Donaumoos" for Bavarian TV, Produced by ORCA Naturfilm

Composing music for animal- and nature films is always a great pleasure. Animals are besides children my favourite actors. They play their "roles" perfect and surprise with their vitality and their archetypes. Together with the team of Orca we started some tries till we found the right "musical - language" for the theme and the actors of this film.

A documentary about a nearly destroyed moorland - scape in southern Germany, that recovers again and has been a rest place for cranes on their long journeys. HOPE FOR THE MOORLANDS - WILL THE CRANES RETURN? I believe yes.


Basic theme of the film. Crane motive, light meloncholic mood with hopeful opening, accoustic instruments with strings.

Sample 2

Agile Ermine hunting for prey. To re - enact the incredible fast, dance like and acrobatic movings of an ermine is really a challenge, a race between animal and notes. A quick instrument like a xyllophone seemed appropriate to me, accompanied by a agile Bass player and and a busy drummer with pizzicato strings. "Mickey Mousing" in its pure culture.

Sample 3

The transformation of a dargonfly. For this miracle in microkosmos I wrote a "big growing music" that opens up from the first movings through inner movements untill the last preparation for the first and perfect flight, that comes to an end in the final soundmix with the ratteling propelles of the dragonfly.

Sample 4

Landing of the Cranes, a small sensation, variation of the Crane motiv with large strings.

Sample 5

Cranes Dance and end of the films. A dancing crane is really an extraordinary art performance. After watching carefully the scene over and over, I got the impression of an aristocratic being, that will always keep manners even in really exuberant motions. In his humourous jumps and fluttering I discvovered a rhythm. So I composed for his dance a baroque - suebian - bavarian "concerto" to underline his comic with a little "mickey mousing" as we composers say. The end of the film leades into the main theme.

All samples pure music without nature athmospheres and voice comments