Büdi Siebert has played live since more than 25 years: in concert halls, clubs, halls, at festivals, in churches and cloisters, on market places, in multi-storey car parks, in reservoirs, in hospitals, at schools, in nature amphitheatres, at the sea, in the forest, on rivers and lakes and in the great pyramid of Gizeh.

Rock, Jazz, Pop, World Music, classic experimental music, opera or improvisations on Bach organ music - the essence of all experiences is music for him: stimulation for heart and mind.

”Basically, we get everything what we have on earth from other living things: food, clothes, flats, energy... The only thing we give to earth is our culture and the songs that we sing. Music is a world-wide language - because it is the language of our hearts which is understood by every heart; no matter of which culture, which race, if human beings, animals, stones or plants. Everyone understands this language and acts. It is communication from heart to heart - the real natural gift of human beings.”


Puppenhaus, New Rock Ensemble, Andreas Vollenweider, Ralf Illenberger‘s Circle Friedemann, BAP, Poesie and Music, Anne Haigis, Zupfgeigenhansel, Hölderlin, Elephant, Cochise...

Besides solo concerts, nowadays he gives guest performances with Ralf Illenberger in a duo, with the band TRI and in One-World-Music projects with musicians of all around the world.

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